Enneagram, Jack L. Cardone
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Published: 12/04/2019


Understanding the Five Categories of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)1. Self-awareness. The ability to recognize an emotion as it “happens” is the key to your EQ. Developing self-awareness requires tuning in to your true feelings.Emotional awareness. Your ability to recognize your own emotions and their effects.Self-confidence. Sureness about your self-worth and capabilities.2. Self-regulation. You often have little control over when you experience emotions. You can, however, have some say in how long an emotion will last by using a number of techniques to alleviate negative emotions such as anger, anxiety or depression. Self-control. Managing disruptive impulses.Trustworthiness. Maintaining standards of honesty and integrity.Conscientiousness. Taking responsibility for your own performance.Adaptability. Handling change with flexibility.3. Motivation. To motivate yourself for any achievement requires clear goals and a positive attitude. Achievement drive. Your constant striving to improve or to meet a standard of excellence.Commitment. Aligning with the goals of the group or organization.Initiative. Readying yourself to act on opportunities.Optimism. Pursuing goals persistently despite obstacles and setbacks.4. Empathy. The ability to recognize how people feel is important to success in your life and career.Service orientation. Anticipating, recognizing and meeting clients’ needs.Developing others. Sensing what others need to progress and bolstering their abilities.Leveraging diversity. Cultivating opportunities through diverse people.Political awareness. Reading a group’s emotional currents and power relationships.5. Social skills. The development of good interpersonal skills is tantamount to success in your life and career. In today’s always-connected world, everyone has immediate access to technical knowledge.