Enneagram  The 9 Personality Types, scott j. stacey
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Enneagram : The 9 Personality Types

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 3 hr 49 min

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Published: 10/15/2020


If you ?r? f?mili?r with th? Enn??gr?m, ??u kn?w th?t it includes b?th th? high?r ?u?liti?? and fear-reactive traits ?f nin? b??i? personality t????. Each ?f u? has both th? higher ?nd reactive tr?it? of ?ll nine t????, but some ?r? m?r? predominate in ??ur personality.Our r???tiv? self i? inflexible, ??ntr?lling, picky, ?rgum?nt?tiv?, ?ting?, ?tubb?rn, di?tr??t?d, d?f?n?iv?, m??d? ?nd v?in. S?m?tim?? it is hard t? notice wh?n we ?r? r???ting with those negative tr?it?, especially wh?n ??ur heart i? in th? right ?l???. A g??d w?? to observe thi? i? but n?ti?ing when you ?r? f??ling f??rful ?r threatened in some way.C?r??r?ti?n? ?r? ??m?l?x systems; like individu?l hum?n b?ing?, they h?v? strengths, w??kn?????, ?r?f?r?n??? ?nd ?tr?t?gi??. M?n?ging ?h?ng? in ??r??r?ti?n? means influ?n?ing b?th the whole system ?nd th? individuals who comprise it. Th? Enn??gr?m ?r?vid?? ?n inv?lu?bl? t??l f?r r???gnizing ??tt?rn? of th?ught and b?h?vi?ur in individu?l? ?nd in the corporation ?? a whole. U?ing th? Enneagram ?ll?w? a ??n?ult?nt t? m?k? faster, m?r? accurate judgments of th? impact ?f specific changes on ??r??r?ti?n? ?nd their employees.Following Contents will be find in this book:? Wh?t I? ?n Enneagram? Th? Absolute B?ginn?r'? Guide to the Enn??gr?m ?f Personality? Subt???? of the Enn??gr?m: Wh? They Matter? The S?r??d ?f Enn??gr?m ?nd und?r?t?nding It? B??i??? Ar? Y?u Sur? ?f Y?ur Type? Enj?? C?n??i?u? R?l?ti?n?hi?? With th? Enn??gr?m? What Types of P???l? Don't M?k? G??d L??d?r?? Wings ?nd Th? Fl?v?r of th? Enneagram? Did I Marry th? Wrong P?r??n? Enn??gr?m f?r Ex??utiv? Coaching? Gu?r?nt?? A Su?????ful Group R??ruitm?nt Ev?ningAnd many more…