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A Short Guide to Finding your Sense of Self and Understanding Highly Sensitive People’s Emotional Abilities to Feel Empathy and Dealing with Energy Vampires - EXTENDED EDITION



Unabridged: 3 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: AMANDA HOPE

Published: 05/28/2021


Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells when around with sensitive people? Are you afraid of getting misunderstood with your words and efforts? It’s high time that you learn about being empathic. Empathy is a gift, and developing empathy is just one of the many best things one can do for oneself and others. Why? It fosters understanding, to begin with. When we understand, we start to feel for others, and this leads to better communications. It’s going to be an understatement when we say empathy can improve life, because, in truth, it positively affects one’s and everyone else’s life, health, social skills, relationships, and the community as a whole. It heals. It’s life-changing. Empath Healing is all about knowing and understanding the empath, the empath's traits and personality types, embracing the empath in you, and the benefits of being one. You may find it hard to believe, but being an empath doesn’t come easy to everyone. The audiobook doesn’t only talk about guides for individuals finding empathy. Listen to this audiobook now to discover its other significant coverage, including:The best career choices for empathic peopleWays to avoid getting addicted to being an empathyKnowing if yours is an intuitive empathSigns if you are capable of spiritual healingStrengthening one’s mental bodySee if you are a psychic empathBoosting one’s psychic abilities There are struggles, and this audiobook is an excellent guide to discovering these struggles and dealing with each. Being empathic doesn’t mean you need to live someone else’s life, that you have to do what they do, say what others say, or think how they think. Listening through enables you to learn about the misconceptions concerning empathy and identifying energy vampires. Ready to get started? Grab your copy now!