Emotional Intelligence, James Jones
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Emotional Intelligence
An Easy to Follow Guide to Becoming a High-Eq Person and Developing Your People Skills, Empathy and Relationships, Leading to Success and Self-Esteem

Author: James Jones

Narrator: Russell Newton

Unabridged: 5 hr 1 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: James Jones

Published: 09/01/2020

Genre: Psychology


Are You Tired of Driving People You Love Away & Never Achieving the Professional Success You Deserve? This Guide is for You!As children, we were taught to value our IQs more than our EQs. In fact, we never really paid too much attention to our EQs before new research came to light.Experts believe that IQ may not be a great determinant of how well people fare in life. They stand to argue that standard measures of intelligence, such as IQ scores, do not embrace the full range of human intelligence.So, if you find that you’re great at crunching numbers and memorizing information but fail in relating to and empathizing with others… it’s not your fault! And you can do something about it!Using this guide, beginners like you will be able to develop better people skills, improve empathy, and strengthen relationships.Over the course of this life-changing guide, you will:Significantly increase your emotional intelligence and relate better to people at work and at home in just 5 easy stepsGet easy-to-understand insights into your psyche and how you can use them to cultivate a better, more empathetic, and more confident youEffectively acknowledge and manage negative emotions so you can avoid blowing up on your loved ones and strengthen your relationshipsElevate your career to greater heights as you learn all the easy, evidence-based tips on how you can be more emotionally intelligent at workSquash stress before it overwhelms you and stops you from forming strong intimate relationships with your loved ones“Emotional Intelligence,” while dealing with technical topics, is made with beginners like you in mind.Life-long success and better self-esteem is just a click away!