Dual Nature Of Consciousness, Neville Goddard
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Dual Nature Of Consciousness
Expanded Edition Based On The Book Prayer – The Art Of Believing

Unabridged: 16 min

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Published: 06/28/2023


DUAL NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDED EDITION BASED ON THE BOOK:PRAYER – THE ART OF BELIEVING WRITTEN BY NEVILLE GODDARD Discover the captivating insights of "DUAL NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS", an exceptional masterpiece crafted by a prominent luminary in the realm of personal growth during the 20th century: NEVILLE GODDARD. Immerse yourself in this thought-provoking audiobook, expertly designed to empower your journey towards success by revolutionizing your mindset. Unveil a mesmerizing pathway to life mastery, as this remarkable guide unlocks the keys to your full potential. Get your copy now! ABOUT THE SOURCE BOOK: PRAYER – THE ART OF BELIEVING"Prayer - The Art of Believing" by Neville Goddard is a spiritual self-help book that explores the power of prayer as a tool for manifesting our desires. Goddard, a spiritual teacher and writer, offers a unique perspective on prayer, which he sees as an act of creative imagination that can shape our reality. ABOUT THE SOURCE CHAPTER: THE GREATEST PRAYERThe chapter titled "Dual Nature Of Consciousness" in "Prayer - The Art of Believing" by Neville Goddard explores the power of imagination and daydreaming as tools for manifesting our desires. Goddard argues that controlled reverie, or the intentional use of imagination to create a mental picture of our desired reality, can be a powerful tool for manifestation.