Drowning in Plain Sight  A Survival ..., Len Parsons
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Drowning in Plain Sight : A Survival Story

Author: Len Parsons

Unabridged: 45 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/15/2017


What happened Next was like slow motion .Try as I might I could not keep my head above water, I managed to get to the top a couple of times just to sink back down. At 5 years old My Entire Knowledge of life came from the cartoons I watched on Saturday mornings and if I was sure of anything I was drowning !Drowning In Plain Sight is a Book given to me in a Dream from the Lord. In the dream I was working very hard to try to finish a book , when God interupted and said " If you are going to write a book Write this one." In the Dream iwas shown the Title , the Chapters and the stories to be told. God said "My people need this book" It is filled with true stories of friends and family who went under in the storms of life... some were rescued just in Time.Someone you know Needs this book , "Don't let Someone you love Drown In Plain Sight"