Developmental Trauma  The Causes  T..., Brigid Walsh Byrne
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Developmental Trauma - The Causes - The Experience - The Recovery
A gentle journey from trauma to ease

Unabridged: 2 hr 46 min

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Published: 04/07/2022


This book may be for you if:You experienced shocks while your mom was carrying you inside, you were hospitalised or had surgery when very young, or if you experienced a loss or bereavement at a tender age.Maybe you were living in an environment that was apparently functioning, where anxiety was the familiar state of the parent, or where due to previous unresolved trauma the caregiver could look after your physical needs, but could not emotionally connect. Or,You grew up in a household with visible dysfunction, substance abuse, violence or severe mental illness.Or like me, maybe you:Are one the “difficult clients” from the point of view of health practitioners – you keep coming back but nothing ever works.Are very earnest in your desire to grow and change, and in spite of your best efforts, are stuck in patterns that don't resolve with the usual approach.Feel there must be something fundamentally wrong with you, and had this feeling compounded with each further failed endeavour at healing or growth.Despair of anything ever changing for the better.