Deep Learning, David Feldspar
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Deep Learning
Guide for Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Data Analytics

Narrator: Jason R. Gray

Unabridged: 7 hr 52 min

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Published: 08/01/2019


This is your lucky day, because now, you're getting 6 books for a discounted price! Books are about big data, text analytics, and deep learning.Book 1: Big data can tremendously improve a company’s performance. Many company owners or accountants don’t look at all the numbers, misread the numbers, or don’t know how to scale faster and more effectively.Book 2: Discover the correct data and solutions for your organization now. All organizations, especially larger ones, face this one dilemma: sorting and reading the big data. Whether it’s a business, NGO, or another organization, patterns and numbers need to be understood to keep management as effective as possible.Book 3: Dive deeper into the world of mining for or analyzing text. Become more acquainted with the guiding principles of writing in a certain way, understanding language and tone in specific texts, and using existing models to analyze each and every word in relation to each other.Book 4: In a time when everyone is trying to advertise online and offline, the meaning people attach to a word can be significant. With all the unstructured data out there, and the guidance we need to take texts apart and look at them from a logical perspective, analyzing skills have become mandatory to any individual working in marketing, text content creation, or otherwise. Book 5: Modern-age machines can deepen and quicken our comprehension of numerous areas and fields. Should we come across such enlightening logic, we better take in all the information we can get, especially if you're operating in such a field requires such advanced skills.Book 6: