Dating the Wrong Guy, Bella Rose
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Dating the Wrong Guy
Adieu (Book 3)

Author: Bella Rose

Narrator: Ashley Shaw

Unabridged: 1 hr 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/04/2020


Dating the Wrong Guy Series: Part I: Dating the Wrong Guy: BelmondoPart II: Dating the Wrong Guy: On the RoadPart III: Dating the Wrong Guy: Adieu „I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. The wooden cabin where I found my tired, aching body to be gradually waking up was fairly familiar. The smell of wisdom was merging with the soothing warmth of maple syrup, pan-fried bananas and hot blueberries. A strong, roasted black coffee curbed its way into my nostrils, shaking up my entire organism, finally encouraging me to step out of the bed and greet the day. There he was, standing by the oven, carefully flipping the pancakes while a rolled tobacco kept dangling from his mouth. Grandpa Sam.I have been in his cabin in the middle of the woods of the Upstate New York, hidden from the rest of the planet, wallowing in regrets and memory, for two weeks now. After Robert’s arrest in El Paso, my parents and I spend two more days there, since I had to be examined by the police. Mom and dad were devastated; they remained in a hotel for forty-eight hours sitting on the bed, both trying to grasp all of that has happened to us. I was devoid of any emotion.“What now? How to continue the normal life, how to overcome such pain and regret? What is going to happen next find out in this romantic suspense novella with Italian spice, grab it now!Sign up to Bella's New Release email list and you'll automatically be notified as soon as her next book is released!Email: