Dating for Men, Nate Strauss
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Dating for Men
How to Meet the Women you Want, In-Person and Online

Author: Nate Strauss

Narrator: Steve Kadivnik

Unabridged: 3 hr 1 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/20/2023


Are you sick of getting stunned or freezing up when you have to make conversation with a beautiful woman? Do you find yourself running out of topics or going blank when conversing with women? Do women lose interest in the middle of the conversation?If you want to stop these terrible behaviors from occurring again, then keep reading! Learning how to naturally talk to women and indulging them in open conversation is a skill that few men have. You will have to understand the diverse communication styles that each gender adopts and also incorporate behaviors that make you look confident. It will help you be heard and also increase your chances of a successful conversation.Dating for Men is the perfect guidebook for shy or underconfident men who are looking to attract the women of their dreams. It entails insightful details about the successful methods that can help you build conversational skills. It m?? ???m daunting ?t f?r?t, but learning these skills is absolutely achievable. In this book, ??u’ll learn the following:How and where to meet womenIdeal ways to approach a womanNonverbal cues: the most important aspect of communicationManaging social anxiety to encourage talking to womenTips to avoid the friend zoneConversational tips to talk to womenAnd so much more!Whatever the reasoning is, know that a pursuit of this knowledge does not somehow make you an inferior man. This is not some radical crazy problem in your life that can’t be fixed—it certainly can. If you want to leave behind your boring sex life and truly become the man of every women's dreams, then you need this book today.What are you waiting for? Scroll up, buy now, start today!