Dark Psychology, Amanda Grapes
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Dark Psychology
Learn about the Dark Side of Human Nature and Its Manipulative Consequences

Author: Amanda Grapes

Narrator: Joseph D. Weaver

Unabridged: 2 hr 53 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/14/2020


There are three titles in this book, which are the following:Book 1: What is the dark side of human nature?Do people look out for themselves or for each other?Why do people bully each other or tear others down?Issues like these will be discussed in this brief but informational book. Topics like bullying, schizophrenia, other personality disorders, and domestic violence will be addressed. Last but not least, your thoughts will be altered about liars and the ethical dilemma of telling lies. In this sense, this book shows you a variety of interrelated topics that will shape your view on said topics.Book 2: Men and women are not the same. We all know that they think differently. But how do they use those thinking patterns to get what they want? How do they persuade the other gender to give them what they desire? This is where some human psychology will be helpful. The differences will be addressed in the first chapter of this book.Moving on, some false concepts about mind control will be discussed, as well as persuasion techniques that you may have never heard about. The reasons why people choose to buy or do something, is something that will be a determining factor to understanding the psychology of persuasion. This is what you will learn.Book 3: Some people will do everything they can to manipulate another person. Some of those people are even dangerous. In this guide, you will discover how the craziest serial killers have managed to get away with their horrific crimes. You will also learn secret strategies to outsmart manipulators, so that you will not become the next victim.We all have a need to know the truth. Figuring out how to notice deception is mandatory for our survival and happiness. Don’t let this chance to learn something new pass you by.