Coronavirus, David Rogue
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Global Reports, Insights, and Measures against COVID-19

Author: David Rogue

Narrator: Aaron Miller

Unabridged: 2 hr 49 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Efalon Acies

Published: 05/14/2020


This book contains 3 original titles, which are the following:  Book 1 - We don't know everything about the Coronavirus yet (or COVID-19, which is the more accurate name). Many reports have suggested that it may have originated from the bat soup the inhabitants of the Chinese Wuhan province drink or drank on a regular basis, since bats, like rats, are often carriers of numerous diseases. Others refer to some kind of conspiracy with a testing center and selling animals on the market there. Whatever the origin, there are certain things that we know about the health side and certain things that we don't. Stay tuned, because we will dive into the many controversial and informational sources I have acquired right now.  Book 2 - I have often wondered if there would be a zombie outbreak like in the movie "I Am Legend" and even though this is not exactly the same, the rise of COVID-19 is the closest thing we know, I think.In this book, we'll go through several aspects that have been reported of the virus. We'll go over some of the rules and guidelines many countries have set, and the reasons why those preventative measures have been imposed on the population.  Book 3 - It's inevitable to say that the Coronavirus, or Covid-19, more accurately, has done severe damage, both on the health and finances of people, businesses, hospitals, and entire nations. This book will focus on some of those horrific stories. Some of these things may have slightly inaccurate numbers, as is often the case with the news, and some may be exaggerated, but just understand that there's usually an element of truth in each, and that those consequences aren't to be overlooked.