Chakra Healing, Marcus Ruiz
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Chakra Healing
Complete Guide to Chakras Awakening For Achieve Mindfulness Through Meditation. Free Your Mind to Anxiety and Stress, Improve Your Life With This Self-Healing and Self-Help Techniques

Author: Marcus Ruiz

Unabridged: 3 hr 36 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Marcus Ruiz

Published: 04/15/2021


Do you want to find the key to satisfaction, vitality, and prosperity?Do you want to find peace and serenity that you can feel when your chakras are healthy and awake?If you want to solve your stress and anxiety problems and live in peace with the universe around you, "Chakra Healing" can help you to Balance, Heal, and Unblock Your Chakras for Health and Positive EnergyEvery section of "Chakra Healing" incorporates mysterious activities for getting to the vitality of each Chakra, including meditations, diary activities, and working with goddesses and soul guides.In this guide, you will discover:An overview of the chakrasWhat are chakrasHistory of Chakras The power of chakras to healThe seven chakras of your body The benefits of the different chakrasThe chakra and meditation connectionAwakening seven chakrasUsing meditation to help chakrasStep by step guided exercises and remedies for chakra healingHow to eliminate anxiety, back pain, addiction, stress, weight issues whit Useful tips and suggestion for the practice of chakra healingThe practical exercise to assist you with opening EVERY Chakra step by step30 Essential Meditation procedures for opening your Chakras Introducing how to heal 'Overactive' Chakras (Not numerous individuals notice this) Proven systems for healing EVERY sickness you face utilizing successful Chakra healing. Regardless of whether you have no clue what the third eye is or NEVER knew about the Chakras previously, this book will the plot is a bit by bit way how you can open, heal and balance each of the seven Chakras utilizing.Click the BUY NOW button on this page to get started!