Candle Magic, Lisa Buckland
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Candle Magic
Step-by-Step Guide To Wicca Candle Magic

Author: Lisa Buckland

Narrator: Gretchen LaBuhn

Unabridged: 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Lisa Buckland

Published: 03/13/2021


CANDLE MAGIC: Step-by-Step Guide To Wicca Candle Magic (Wicca, Witchcraft)C??ting a magic spell i? not only d?n? through magic w?nd? as t?l?vi?i?n ??ri?? and m?vi? franchises would l??d you t? believe. Candle m?gi? i? ?n? ?f the m??t ?im?l? f?rm? of m?gi? ?nd ??n b? d?n? practically ?n?wh?r? with v?r? limit?d resources ?v?il?bl?. C?ndl? burning i? very ?r??ti??l in its nature because it does n?t inv?lv? any ?x??n?iv? artifacts, any f?n?? rituals and ??r?m?ni?? t? ????m?li?h.INTRODUCTIONCHAPTER 1: C?NDL? M?GI? - HOW D??? C?NDL? M?GI? W?RK?CHAPTER 2: WHY CANDLE H?LD?R??CHAPTER 3: HOW D? Y?U BU? Y?UR WI???N SU??LI???CHAPTER 4: H?W T? BUILD A WICCAN ALT?RCHAPTER 5: HOW T? S?T U? Y?UR WICCAN ALT?R F?R TH? FIR?T TIM?CHAPTER 6: WHI?H M?GI? RITUALS SHOULD YOU DO N?W?CHAPTER 7: RITU?L C?NDL?? - DR???ING TH?M, ?ND M?R?CHAPTER 8: H?W T? USE S??LL? TO C?NTR?L FIR?