Book of Shadows, Lisa Buckland
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Book of Shadows
Step-by-Step Guide to Book of Shadows

Author: Lisa Buckland

Narrator: Gretchen LaBuhn

Unabridged: 1 hr 15 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/10/2021


Book of Shadows: Step-by-Step Guide to Book of ShadowsAll of a Wi???'? m?gi??l dealings ?nd ??iritu?l j?urn??? ?r? r???rd?d in a Book ?f Sh?d?w?. Alth?ugh not ?f ?n?i?nt ?rigin, the B??k ?f Sh?d?w? h?? ?v?lv?d as an important ??rt ?f the Wi???n r?ligi?n. Pr??titi?n?r? ?f m?n? ??th? k??? th?m. They ?r? useful in?trum?nt? for learning and f?r r???rd k???ing. B???u?? a Book ?f Sh?d?w? is very ??r??n?l, ultimately you will have t? d??id? f?r yourself how to organize it ?nd wh?t to in?lud?. It i? ?ntir?l? u? to you. H?w?v?r, it can b? ??nfu?ing ?t fir?t, whi?h i? wh? I ?m g?ing t? outline ??m? ?f th? m??t ??mm?n elements in a B??k ?f Shadows.CHAPTER 1: B?GINNING A B??K ?F SHADOWSA R??L B??K ?F SH?D?W? - WH?T IS IT?REASONS WH? ??U ?H?ULD KEEP A B??K ?F SHADOWS?CHAPTER 2: S??LL? FR?M TH? R??L B??K ?F SH?D?W? - DO TH?? EXI?T?B??K ?F SH?D?W? S??LLUN??V?R THE HIDDEN P?W?R OF SPELLS IN TH? B??K? ?F SH?D?W?CHAPTER 3: CR??TING Y?UR PERSONAL B??K OF SH?D?W?M?KING A BOOK ?F SHADOWSTHINGS THAT SHOULD GO IN YOUR BOOK OF SHADOWSCHAPTER 4: HI?T?R? ?F RUNESRUN?? - TH? ORIGIN ?ND PURPOSE B?HIND THE ANCIENT SYMBOLS AND ALPHABETRUN?? IN M?GI?RUN?? R??DING?CHAPTER 5: TH? ART OF WHIT? MAGICWHIT? MAGIC SPELLS THAT AR? EFF??TIV?HOW T? MAKE WHITE MAGIC S??LL? THAT WORKHOW T? L??RN WHITE M?GI?WHIT? M?GI? S??LL? - TH? IMPORTANCE ?F C?L?R? IN M?GI? WHITE M?GI? SPELLS C??TING T??HNIQU?CHAPTER 6: BLACK M?GI? EX?L?IN?DTH? ART AND TRI?K ?F COMPELLING BL??K MAGICBL??K MAGIC A SOURCE OF EVIL?BL??K MAGIC L?V? S??LL - KNOW TH? RI?K? B?F?R? Y?U A??L?BL??K MAGIC S??LL? AND IN??NT?TI?N?BL??K M?GI? IN??NT?TI?N? - DISCOVER THE HIDDEN P?W?RCHAPTER 7: R?D M?GICR?D MAGIC L?V? ???LL?