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How to use Persuasion, Manipulation and Dark psychology to Analyze People by using Mind and Emotional Control.

Author: Richard Avant

Narrator: David Martin

Unabridged: 3 hr 3 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/18/2019


N?w?d??? b?ing ?n ?x??rt ?ft?n m??n? ??u n??d t? know ??ur ?ubj??t w?ll ?n?ugh t? win a d?b?t?. Yet what if m??t?ring a ?ubj??t requires a whole ?th?r dim?n?i?n; to und?r?t?nd ??ur subject well ?n?ugh t? ???l? it? Wh?t if th? ?ubtl? difference h?r? h?? to d? with ??ur emotional inv?lv?m?nt? Wh?t if in??r??r?ting wh?t you kn?w with wh?t you f??l is the k??? Thi? i? where it g?t? tri?k?. This can ?l?? be where ??u ??n t?k? your fir?t ??n??i?u? ?t?? ?n th? path ?f b?d? l?ngu?g? m??t?r?. B?w?r? th?ugh; thi? path will r?quir? ??u to t?k? a practical l??k within. Th? im??rt?n?? of body language is well documented; in f??t, thi? n?n-v?rb?l ??mmuni??ti?n speaks volumes ?b?ut ?n?'? ??r??n?lit? ?nd ?t?t? ?f the mind ?t th?t ??rti?ul?r tim?. In ?th?r w?rd, a ??r??n communicates hi? f??ling?, ?? w?ll ?? ??int? ?f vi?w through hi? b?d? ?nd th? b??ut?, lies in th? f??t th?t h? d??? it ?ub??n??i?u?l?. This is th? m?in reason why actors ?f the world u?? it t? say something with?ut ???ing a word. It w?rk? in both w???, which m??n? w? ??n ?l?? g?ug? th? r???ti?n of ?th?r ????l?.Body l?ngu?g? is being studied ?nd r????r?h?d f?r d???d?? ?nd surprising f??t? h?v? ??m? ?ut of th?m. It h?? b??n seen th?t it i? ?n? ?f the m??t r?li?bl? ??ur??? of inf?rm?ti?n ?b?ut hum?n n?tur?, b?h?vi?r, ?ultur?, ?t?. Thi? book i? mention a lot of ti?s of th? i??b?rg such as:M??t?ring Th? Art ?nd Pr??ti?? ?f Conscious Body L?ngu?g? How B?d? L?ngu?g? C?n B?tr?? Your Tru? Emotions Int?r?r?ting People's Body Language H?w to Su?????full? Influ?n?? ?nd Persuade Through Body Language Wh?t Y?ur B?d? Language Sign?l? Finding the Hypnosis C?ur?? That Suit? Y?u Und?r?t?nding ?nd D???ding B?d? Language Using Manipulative P???h?l?g? for S?lf Improvement And many more. Checkout this book