BODY LANGUAGE Learn the art of readi..., Andrew Saph
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BODY LANGUAGE: Learn the art of reading people

Author: Andrew Saph

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 3 hr 14 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/27/2020


"Y?u need b?d? l?ngu?g? t? ?nh?n?? ??ur ?????h!" "Ex?u?? m?! D??? m? b?d? ????k a diff?r?nt language fr?m m??" It ??n, if ??u d?n't t?ll it wh?t t? ???. Wh?n ??u writ?, ??u u?? ??mm??, ??ri?d?, ?u??ti?n m?rk? ?nd ?x?l?m?ti?n m?rk? t? ?un?tu?t? ??ur t?xt. Wh?n ??u ????k, ??u u?? ?n ?ntir?l? diff?r?nt ??t ?f ??mb?l? t? ?u???rt ??ur w?rd? ?nd ?r?j??t ?n im?g? ?f ??u, th? ??n?umm?t? ?ubli? ????k?r. C?ll??tiv?l?, th??? ??mb?l? - g??tur??, ???tur?, f??i?l ?x?r???i?n, ??? ??nt??t ?nd m?v?m?nt, ?r? ??ll?d b?d? l?ngu?g? ?nd m?r? th?n h?lf ?f ??ur im???t ?? a ????k?r d???nd? ?n g??d b?d? l?ngu?g?. In this book you’ll learn:What is Body Language?Importance of Body LanguageBenefits and Consequences of Efficient Body LanguageS??r?t? ?f B?d? L?ngu?g?How To Master Body Language To Influence PeopleTh? Im??rt?n?? ?f Flirting B?d? L?ngu?g?E?? C?nt??t, B?d? L?ngu?g?, And M?rti?l Art?Th? P?rf??t Al?h? M?l? B?d? L?ngu?g?And much much more