Blue Roan Colt, Dusty Richards
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Blue Roan Colt

Narrator: Justin Price

Unabridged: 6 hr 19 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/11/2022


After four years on the bloody battlefields of Europe during World War II, Army Staff Sergeant Mark Shaw returns home to Arizona with nothing but the hope of living a quiet existence and chasing the sunset on horseback forevermore. Scarred by the war in the way only a soldier who has been on the front lines can be, his every step is haunted by the rattle of machine guns, the roar of artillery, and the screams of dying friends and comrades. The homecoming he receives upon his return, though, is nothing like what he'd hoped for—a wife who couldn't wait for him in an America that has become almost unrecognizable in his absence. Shattered by her betrayal, Mark gives up on love, life, and the possibility of ever finding the peace he longs for. Life is not quite done with Mark, however. While he throws himself into the backbreaking work of building a ranch, fate takes a hand, first in the form of Alma Cornbird, a Pima woman, then in the guise of a beautiful rodeo queen named Julie Wright. Both women are determined not to let him slip further into isolation and despair, and both leave their mark upon him. With their help, the violent afterimages of the war begin to fade, and life blooms again from the hollow shell it left behind. The only thing he lacks is the right horse on which to chase that sunset once more.