Bedtime Stories for Adults, Erika J. Smith
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Bedtime Stories for Adults
This Book Includes 4 Manuscripts: 60 Relaxing Stories that will help you Fall Asleep. Give up Stress and Anxiety and Rediscover the Essential Serenity to Rest Well

Narrator: Gina Harrow

Unabridged: 12 hr 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Erika J. Smith

Published: 06/23/2021


If you have troubles falling asleep or you can’t relax both your mind and body, this bundle of 4 bedtime story books for adults is perfect for you.The bundle contains 60 stories designed and written for adults that have troubles falling asleep, relaxing and getting in the ideal conditions to rest in the best ways possible.Our everyday hectic life leads us to accumulate lots of stress, and being able to switch off, relax and rest is really hard.Not resting properly means not having the necessary strength to start the day with the right foot, which is why it is essential to sleep well.This series of books will help you in this mission. Leave stress outside your body and get your serenity back in order to rest properly and start your days well.