Badass Ultimate Deathmatch, Ben Thompson
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Badass: Ultimate Deathmatch
Skull-Crushing True Stories of the Most Hardcore Duels, Showdowns, Fistfights, Last Stands, Suicide Charges, and Military Engagements of All Time

Author: Ben Thompson

Narrator: Stephen Bowlby

Unabridged: 21 hr 5 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: HarperAudio

Published: 03/12/2013


Unstoppable true stories of the most hardcore showdowns, last stands, and military engagements of all time! When only one can live, it's an Ultimate Deathmatch!This ain't no table tennis. You're not here to skip rope with your niece. You're here to witness the catastrophically awesome exploits of history's greatest badasses. Not only that, you're here to see what happens when badasses collide, when glory and doom hang in the balance, when two men enter one man leaves. If you dare listen, you'll hear the stories of . . .Cyrus the GreatThe king who forged the Persian Empire with blood, steel, and a few thousand rampaging camelsSt. Moses the BlackThe Patron Saint of Asskickings, who taught bandit thugs a lesson in turning the other cheekThe War of AracauThe only successful indigenous resistance to Spanish colonization, led by a Mapuche warrior who strapped blades to his arms after the conquistadors sawed off his handsThe Rani of JhansiThe Indian warrior princess who took on the British crown with a sword in each hand and her baby strapped to her backTango Mike-MikeOne lone Green Beret single-handedly rescues an entire Special Forces squad from a pinned-down position deep behind enemy lines in CambodiaThe Charge of the Australian Light HorseEight hundred horsemen armed with bayonets embark on the last great cavalry charge in history, rushing toward trenches filled with machine guns, rifles, and huge bullets