Anxiety, Kendra Motors
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Facing Childhood Emotional Neglect and Panic Attacks (2 in 1 Combo)

Author: Kendra Motors

Unabridged: 1 hr 48 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/26/2020


If you’re looking at a valuable bundle of two books, a combination of two titles, you’re at the right place. These are the topics in the two books:Book 1: Anxiety is something we face every day, no matter how small or big the dosage may be. In this guide, several subtopics about anxiety will be covered. Among such are:How we can recover from childhood neglect. Many of us, no matter how loving our parents tried to be, suffer from a lack of positive attention. We have often been neglected, and our needs have not been met, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Psychological science has indicated that this can cause detrimental effects and anxious feelings in a person’s later years. It doesn’t simply go away by itself. It needs to find a way out. Within this theme, the book sheds further light on steps and techniques to recover from such neglect.Book 2: Well, there are several subjects that get covered in this book. For one, anxiety in relationships is a big topic in one of the chapters. Another thing you will learn is 10 different ways to reduce anxiety. Shyness is something some people struggle with, so we’ll touch on that too.Aside from these topics, questions will be answered such as:Is my anxiety common or do I have a disorder?How do I handle anxiety attacks?How do gain control emotional eating or binge eating?How can I counter the anxiety that exists in our home during a crisis, such as the coronavirus?These topics only scratch the surface of this short and simple guide, that will give you hidden gems of knowledge to help you on your journey towards more emotional intelligence and inner peace and tranquility in your life.