Anxiety in Relationship, Logan Bennett
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Anxiety in Relationship
The Easiest Way to Eliminate Fear of Abandonment, Insecurity, Negative Thinking and Jealousy to Overcome Couple Conflicts and Improve Communication Between Partners.

Author: Logan Bennett

Narrator: Tom Chandler

Unabridged: 5 hr 18 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Matteo Maschio

Published: 06/08/2020


Transform Your Relationship, Overcome Emotional Issues, and Bring Back the Happiness into Your Life! Are you are in love with your partner, but feel as if your relationship is becoming unhealthy and unbalanced? If YES, keep reading! Many factors can damage even the most loving bond between people. By focusing on the roots of common and uncommon relationship issues, this comprehensive book will help you transform your outlook on your partner, your relationship, and yourself!  With this book, you’ll be able to: Recognize the roots of problems between you and your partner, and find healthy solutionsOvercome jealousy, understand why it occurs in your relationship and channel it into something positive Deal with your insecurities, boost your confidence and free yourself of negative thoughtsCommunicate with your partner more effectively and resolve your conflicts peacefully Develop a deep sense of self-awareness, to understand your emotional reactions and control themAnd much more! Some Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Will this book help my partner and me as much as a couple’s therapy session? A: Absolutely. Strategies and techniques described in this book are similar, if not identical, to those used by relationship therapists. Additionally, many couples feel uncomfortable speaking about their problems and baring themselves emotionally to a stranger. With this book, you’ll be able to work on your issues in the comfort of your own home, which will help you communicate your feelings better. By investing in this book, you are investing in your relationship and your happiness!