Aliens vs. Predators Ultimate Prey, various authors
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The first anthology of original short stories featuring the confluence of two iconic properties, as the Predators seek the ultimate prey: the Xenomorphs from AlienThe ultimate hunters, the Predators, are pitted against their ultimate prey, the Xenomorphs, with humans caught in the middle! Taking place on Earth and in distant space, these tales have been crafted by a who’s who of today’s most talented authors of the fantastic:David Barnett - Roshni “Rush” Bhatia - Curtis C. Chen - Delilah S. Dawson - Mira Grant - Susanne L. Lambdin - Jess Landry - Yvonne Navarro - E. C. Myers - Scott Sigler - Maurice Broaddus - Chris Ryall -Bryan Thomas Schmidt - Steven L. Sears - Jonathan Maberry and Louis OzawaWith fifteen new and original stories, this first-of-its-kind anthology is inspired by the events of the original Aliens vs. Predators movies, graphic novels, and novels. Includes a new story written by Jonathan Maberry and Louis Ozawa (“Hanzo” from the movie Predators) as Hanzo’s brother faces the eternal threats of both the Yautja and the Xenomorphs.