ADHD, Madeline Holden
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Inside the Distracted Mind. The Brain Trap of the DMN & TPN. A Life-Changing Guide to Turning Neurodiversity Into a Gift & Thriving With ADHD From Disorganized Children to Successful Adults. New Version

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Unabridged: 4 hr 24 min

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Published: 09/24/2021


Find Out How Scientifically Proven Strategies Can Help You Take Control of Your Life and Thrive With ADHD!Are you diagnosed with ADHD? Do you feel like ADHD is hindering your success and your everyday life?When they hear those four letters – ADHD – the first thing that pops into people's minds is that the person with ADHD has a stumbling block and associates it with failure, especially for adults who hadn't received proper treatment.However, ADHD doesn't have to be a hindrance. After all, we've all heard of a significant number of highly successful entrepreneurs who attribute a part of their success to ADHD.Would you like to know how to thrive with ADHD?Would you like to know how to help yourself or someone you love and care for?With this revolutionary guide in your hands, you will get complete step-by-step instructions and mental exercises that will help you develop and enhance critical life skills – focus, emotional regulation, mental flexibility, mindfulness, nutrition, and much more!Inside this book, you'll find:Wandering mind, the DMN and TPN mode and how to switchSelf-assessment quiz to identify your strengths and weaknesses;Deep look into the ADHD brain in children and adults to get a complete understanding of the way it works;Brain exercises to improve focus and mental flexibility;Practical pieces of advice on organizing and planning, and on maintaining relationships and marriage; And so much more! If you want to tap into your power and use ADHD as an asset to achieve all your goals, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step guides and expert advice found inside this book.