A Mothers Secret, Tess Stimson
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A Mother’s Secret

Author: Tess Stimson

Narrator: Sophie Bentinck

Unabridged: 11 hr 37 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Harper UK

Published: 04/18/2019


She loves her family. She’d never let anything happen to them . . . Would she? On the outside, Maddie is a happy young mother with a new baby. But on the inside, she’s afraid. Afraid that her marriage to Lucas isn’t what she thought. Afraid that she’s having mysterious blackouts where her memories should be. But how can she ask for help when something terrible is done to her family? Who can she turn to, who can she trust? And how does she know it wasn’t her? Full of twists and turns, this is perfect for fans of and . ‘, this emotional, raw, dark family drama keeps you guessing until the end’ ‘: the opening is heart-breaking and it never lets up, all the way to a genuinely shocking denouement’ ‘A cross between ’ Netgalley Reviewer ‘An !’ Netgalley Reviewer ‘, never guess the ending’ Netgalley Reviewer ‘’ Netgalley Reviewer ‘A ; realistic and well-drawn characters; a difficult subject tackled extremely well’ Netgalley Reviewer ‘Wow, what a great read! Very well written, it goes between past and present of the characters but this flows so easy throughout the book, ! A must read for all psychological thriller fans!’ Netgalley Reviewer ‘WOW! I could not put this down. The writing is superb. ’ Netgalley Reviewer