AudiobooksNow Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website

Current and potential customers for AudiobooksNow's digital audiobook service can expect a better user experience on all mobile platforms

AudiobooksNow -- Vienna, VA (PRNewswire) July 8, 2014 - AudiobooksNow, a digital audiobook download and streaming service, recently announced the launch of the mobile version of its website. The mobile website will allow AudiobooksNow users to have a much more user friendly experience on any web-enabled smartphone or tablet.

The mobile website will mirror the content of the current desktop site, giving users an all-access pass to the products and services offered by AudiobooksNow. Visitors can expect an improved user experience including faster load times, streamlined navigation, and adaptive resolution.

"Improving usability of our website across all mobile platforms is a big step for our company," said Bryan Stafford, President and COO of AudiobooksNow. "We want to allow our web visitors the opportunity to browse with convenience. It is our ultimate goal to improve user experience and satisfaction by creating a web presence that meets the needs of our customers."

Since its inception, AudiobooksNow has continuously developed its service to better meet the needs of its customers. "Providing a better mobile experience is critical to our service" said Stafford. While AudiobooksNow provides free apps for mobile devices, not everyone uses apps. AudiobooksNow will continue to update its mobile web presence, with new features expected to roll out in the coming months.

"As technology advances, more and more consumers are accessing an enormous amount of information from the palm of their hand," says Stafford. "Not only are we committed to delivering a superior service but we are also committed to user engagement. Our newly-launched mobile site will enable us to maintain fresh content and remain as accessible as possible to our customers."