AudiobooksNow Adds Harper Audio Titles to its Digital Audiobook Service

AudiobooksNow adds over 2,200 Harper Audio titles to its audiobook download and streaming service

VIENNA, Va., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AudiobooksNow has recently added over 2,200 Harper Audio titles to its digital audiobook download and streaming service. Harper Audio brings a diverse selection of titles to AudiobooksNow including award winning titles in such genres as fiction, fantasy, political science, business, biography, and literature.

"We are very excited to be offering Harper Audiobooks through our service," said Doug Ross , President and CEO. AudiobooksNow continues to grow its selection and customer base. "We are off to a great start in 2013," said Ross. HarperCollins Publishers is one of the world's largest publishing companies.

Adding the selection of additional publishers is a major focus for AudiobooksNow in 2013. "We are currently in talks with other major audiobook publishers," Ross said. AudiobooksNow expects to add all the major audiobook publishers by the end of the year. AudiobooksNow currently offers over 12,000 digital audiobook titles.

Harper Audio brings an award winning selection of titles to AudiobooksNow; titles like "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman and "The Known World" by Edward P. Jones . They also bring bestselling titles like "Good to Great" by Jim Collins and "Next" by Michael Crichton . Harper Audio's diverse selection of popular titles will add over 2,200 titles to AudiobooksNow's selection.

In addition to the growing selection, AudiobooksNow continues to innovate with a state of the art website and a new version of their Apple iOS app expected out by the end of April. AudiobooksNow has also launched a new Club Pricing Plan that offers plan members 50% off their first purchase each month and up to 25% off each additional purchase. "The Club Pricing Plan more than pays for itself with the first purchase," said Ross. There is currently a 30-day free trial to the Club Pricing Plan.

AudiobooksNow plans to get its growing selection into the hands of more consumers with its redesigned Apple iOS app for iPhones and iPads due out later next month. The new and improved Apple iOS app will be a fully featured app that will allow consumers to browse and purchase their selection directly through the app. In addition to making purchases, consumers will also be able to manage their account and library through the app.