AudiobooksNow Launches Direct from Site Downloads of All Their DRM-Free Audiobooks

Over 18,000 titles now available for direct download from the website.

Vienna, VA (PRNewswire) September 10, 2013 - AudiobooksNow has just launched a new download feature on their website that allows consumers to download DRM-free audiobooks directly from the site. This offers users greater convenience and flexibility for the digital audiobook content they purchase. AudiobooksNow is now the only audiobook download service that provides both streaming and downloading of audiobooks from their website.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) controls the use of digital content and devices after the sale. Digital content that is free from these restrictions are allowed to be directly downloaded and copied to multiple devices for personal use. Although DRM-free content does not have any protection on it, users must still abide by the copyright laws which prohibit them from sharing the content with others in any way.

"Having the convenience of downloading their audiobook purchases directly from our website, and the flexibility of transferring the audiobooks to multiple devices is huge" said Doug Ross, President and CEO. Ninety percent of AudiobooksNow's selection of over 20,000 titles is DRM-free. "We are seeing more and more publishers offering part or all of their digital audiobook content DRM-free" said Ross.

The process of downloading DRM-free audiobooks from the AudiobooksNow website is simple. Each DRM-free audiobook is clearly labeled so consumers know which audiobooks are downloadable from the website. Once the purchase of a DRM-free audiobook is made, the user simply navigates to their "My Library" page and clicks the "Download" button. The site will then package and transfer the audiobook to the customer's computer.

"The best part about DRM-free content is the flexibility of transferring it to any of your personal devices" Ross said. Compatible devices include any computer, tablet, smartphone or digital device capable of playing MP3 files. "MP3 files are a common format for digital audio and most devices are capable of playing them" said Ross. To learn more about downloading DRM-free auidobooks, you can visit the website.