Books In Motion added to AudiobooksNow Audiobook Download and Streaming Service

Over 48,000 titles now offered on AudiobooksNow with the recent addition of Books In Motion titles.

Vienna, VA (PRNewswire) June 4, 2015 - AudiobooksNow has added Books In Motion to its digital audiobook download and streaming service. Books In Motion adds over 1,500 titles to AudiobooksNow and is one of the oldest audiobook publishers in the country.

Founded in 1980 by Gary Challender, Books In Motion was a pioneer in the audiobook publishing business. There were only 3 other audiobook publishers at the time and today there are over 600. Challender, a former insurance broker discovered the joy of audiobooks when he was listening to Dick Estell read on the air during one of his long commutes. "That half-hour he read went by so fast, I figured if I had audiobooks to listen to, my trips would go a lot quicker." said Challender.

"This is audiobook publisher number 17 that has partnered with us and they do not share their digital content with everyone." said Bryan Stafford, President and COO of AudiobooksNow. "It's great to see our catalog continuing to grow with a premium selection of audiobooks." Stafford said. "In addition to the growth in our selection, we are making some exciting enhancements to our website and apps, including expanding our Club Pricing Plan and offering a customer referral program".

Books In Motion offers audiobooks from authors Gregg Olsen, Tim LaHaye, Jennifer Ashley, Barry Sadler, David Thompson, Connie Shelton, and David Eddings just to name a few. They offer a very diverse selection of titles that appeal to audiobook listeners of all ages. AudiobooksNow currently offers over 48,000 digital audiobook titles.