AudiobooksNow Launches New Digital Audiobook Download and Steaming Rental Service

AudiobookLender allows listeners to rent audiobooks for 30 days through their free apps and website.

Sterling, VA, February 28, 2019 (PRNewswire) -- AudiobooksNow, a leading service for downloading and streaming audiobooks, has recently launched AudiobookLender, its new digital audiobook download and streaming rental service. AudiobookLender offers listeners a more cost effective way to listen to audiobooks and keeps their devices and library clean by automatically removing content once the rental period is over.

"We've been renting paperback and CD audiobooks by mail through our service since 2000. Renting digital audiobooks is a natural progression for us," said Bryan Stafford, President and COO of AudiobooksNow. Users can rent audiobooks through the AudiobookLender website or free apps for Apple and Android devices. The rental period is for 30 days and can be extended for a nominal fee at any time.

AudiobookLender is built on the same platform as AudiobooksNow. With nearly 8 years of refinements to the AudiobooksNow platform, AudiobookLender is able to take advantage of those refinements right out of the gate. "We've spent many years refining our website, apps, and backend. A lot of customer feedback has gone into our platform so the AudiobookLender service is starting in a very good place," said Stafford.

The advantage of renting versus buying audiobooks is twofold. It cost less to rent, up to 80% off of retail in some cases, and your library and devices automatically get cleaned up when the rental period expires. If you choose to download your audiobook rentals to the free apps versus streaming them, the downloaded content will automatically be deleted on expiration, freeing up valuable storage space on your device. AudiobookLender is launching with over 20,000 titles to choose from and will be adding additional titles as they become available.