AudiobooksNow Launches New Android App with Android Auto Support

Android Auto support added to AudiobooksNow's free Android app that includes over 150,000 titles.

Broadlands, VA, March 9, 2021 (PRNewswire) -- AudiobooksNow, a leading audiobook download and stream service, has just launched a new free Android app that includes Android Auto support. Android Auto has become common in new vehicles and makes it easier, safer, and more convenient to interact with Android Auto enabled apps on Android smartphones.

"I predict Android Auto will be standard on most new vehicles in the near future" said Bryan Stafford, President and COO of AudiobooksNow. With Android Auto enabled apps, users can navigate and interact with apps on their smartphone through the infotainment system in their vehicle. Users simply pair or connect their smartphone to their vehicles infotainment system and access Android Auto enabled apps on their display screen. The user can interact with the app solely through the display screen without ever touching their phone.

"Vehicles are the most popular place to listen to audiobooks so adding Android Auto support was very important to us" said Stafford. Android Auto is built into Android 10 and newer smartphones. But if your smartphone is running Android 9 or later, you'll need to download and install the free Android Auto app from the Google Play Store. Most vehicles supporting Android Auto require you to physically tether your smartphone to the infotainment system with a USB cable. Newer vehicles support Android Auto wirelessly as long as your phone is running Android 11 or newer with 5GHz Wi-Fi built-in.

Android Auto is meant to be simple so you stay focused on the road, which mean you'll only have access to basic functions of your AudiobooksNow library. You can navigate your library, play or pause audiobooks, and jump 30 seconds forward or backward.