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Significant Zero Heroes, Villains, and the Fight for Art and Soul in Video Games, Walt Williams

Significant Zero

by Walt Williams

List: $17.99

Sale: $12.59

Club: $8.99

Unabridged: 9 hr 37 min
Narrator: Kevin T. Collins
Published: 09/19/2017
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Pokemon GO! The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide, Cara Copperman

Pokemon GO!

by Cara Copperman

List: $10.99

Sale: $7.70

Club: $5.49

Unabridged: 2 hr 51 min
Narrator: Veronica Taylor
Published: 09/06/2016
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A History of Video Games in 64 Objects, World Video Game Hall of Fame

A History of Video Games in 64 Ob...

by World Video Game Hall o...

List: $23.99

Sale: $16.79

Club: $11.99

Unabridged: 7 hr 40 min
Narrator: Ray Chase
Published: 05/29/2018
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Reality is Broken Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World, Jane McGonigal

Reality is Broken

by Jane McGonigal

List: $14.99

Sale: $10.50

Club: $7.49

Unabridged: 13 hr 22 min
Narrator: Julia Whelan
Published: 01/20/2011
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Jacked The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto, David Kushner


by David Kushner

List: $19.95

Sale: $13.97

Club: $9.97

Unabridged: 9 hr 28 min
Narrator: Adam Verner
Published: 04/03/2012
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Moral Combat Why the War on Violent Video Games Is Wrong, PhD Ferguson

Moral Combat

by PhD Ferguson

List: $15.99

Sale: $11.20

Club: $7.99

Unabridged: 6 hr 46 min
Narrator: Charles Constant
Published: 08/29/2017
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Replay The History of Video Games, Tristan Donovan


by Tristan Donovan

List: $20.99

Sale: $14.70

Club: $10.49

Unabridged: 15 hr 15 min
Narrator: Gary Furlong
Published: 06/06/2017
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Young Guns Obsession, Overwatch, and the Future of Gaming, Austin Moorhead

Young Guns

by Austin Moorhead

List: $24.98

Sale: $17.49

Club: $12.49

Unabridged: 5 hr 42 min
Narrator: Angelo Di Loreto
Published: 03/31/2020
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The Gaming Mind A New Psychology of Videogames and the Power of Play, PhD Kriss

The Gaming Mind

by PhD Kriss

List: $24.99

Sale: $17.50

Club: $12.49

Unabridged: 8 hr 50 min
Narrator: Matthew Josdal
Published: 03/31/2020
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Bit by Bit How Video Games Transformed Our World, Andrew Ervin

Bit by Bit

by Andrew Ervin

List: $25.98

Sale: $18.19

Club: $12.99

Unabridged: 7 hr 8 min
Narrator: Andrew Ervin
Published: 05/02/2017
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League of Legends: Realms of Runeterra (Official Companion), Lynn Bradford

League of Legends: Realms of Rune...

by Lynn Bradford

List: $24.98

Sale: $17.49

Club: $12.49

Unabridged: 7 hr 28 min
Narrator: Lynn Bradford
Published: 11/05/2019
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