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The Brain's Way of Healing Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity, Norman Doidge

The Brain's Way of Healing

by Norman Doidge

List: $22.50

Sale: $15.75

Club: $11.25

Unabridged: 14 hr 46 min
Narrator: George Newbern
Published: 01/27/2015
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Make Your Brain Smarter Increase Your Brains Creativity, Energy, and Focus, Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, with Shelly Kirkland

Make Your Brain Smarter

by Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph...

List: $19.95

Sale: $13.97

Club: $9.97

Unabridged: 10 hr 10 min
Narrator: Karen White
Published: 01/01/2013
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The Ghost in My Brain How a Concussion Stole My Life and How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Helped Me Get It Back, Clark Elliott, Ph.D.

The Ghost in My Brain

by Clark Elliott, Ph.D.

List: $14.99

Sale: $10.50

Club: $7.49

Unabridged: 9 hr 13 min
Narrator: Arthur Morey
Published: 06/02/2015
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Neurofitness A Brain Surgeon's Secrets to Boost Performance & Unleash Creativity, Dr. Rahul Jandial


by Dr. Rahul Jandial

List: $19.99

Sale: $13.99

Club: $9.99

Unabridged: 6 hr 54 min
Narrator: Graham Winton
Published: 06/04/2019
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The Man Who Wasn't There Investigations into the Strange New Science of the Self, Anil Ananthaswamy

The Man Who Wasn't There

by Anil Ananthaswamy

List: $20.00

Sale: $14.00

Club: $10.00

Unabridged: 9 hr 28 min
Narrator: RenA© Ruiz
Published: 08/04/2015
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Change Your Brain: How to Improve Your Memory and Evolve Your Brain, Adrian Tweeley

Change Your Brain: How to Improve...

by Adrian Tweeley

List: $4.99

Sale: $3.50

Club: $2.49

Unabridged: 3 hr 57 min
Narrator: Weston Gritt
Published: 08/01/2019
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Your Brain, Explained What Neuroscience Reveals About Your Brain and its Quirks, Marc Dingman

Your Brain, Explained

by Marc Dingman

List: $19.99

Sale: $13.99

Club: $9.99

Unabridged: 7 hr 32 min
Narrator: Jonathan Todd Ross...
Published: 09/24/2019
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