You Can Master Your Negative Thoughts..., Jennifer N. Smith
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You Can Master Your Negative Thoughts: Get Rid of All the Negative Thoughts that Hold You Back, and Learn to Control them

Unabridged: 1 hr 43 min

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Published: 01/21/2021

Category: Self-help


Remember that little voice at the back of your head that whispers “No!” and “You can’t do it!” whenever you want to try something new? Remember how your brain says “Don’t!” but your heart says “Do!” every time you want to follow your dreams? Who is that? Those voices, those feelings and those emotions – they are a part of you. To be more precise, they are the negative sides of you. They are a part of your inner negativity that stops you from almost anything you want to do in your life. This book is all about teaching you how to recognize and master your negative thoughts: not to blindly follow them, but to learn to question them instead.In this book, you will also find out: -        How to understand the patterns of your personal negative thoughts; -        The different types of negative thoughts and emotions you get; -        How to challenge your negative side; -        How to control the negative thoughts that come into your mind automatically and without notice; -        How to mindfully consider your negative thoughts instead of blindly believing them; -        How to spread positivity in your own life and to other people; -        How to stay away from other negative people; and more You will learn everything you need to control and master your inner negative side.