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A Pragmatic Non-Diet Program for Healthy Relationship with Food. Fix Eating Disorders, Improve & Learn Healthy Habits. Stop Emotional Binge. NEW VERSION

Narrator: Perdens Studio

Unabridged: 7 hr 27 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/29/2020

Category: Health & Fitness


Revolutionize your diet and say goodbye to emotional eating!Are you tired of suffering from emotional eating, binge eating, or overeating? Do you want to transform your relationship with food and free yourself from your eating disorder? With heartfelt advice and actionable strategies, inside this profound guide you’ll explore how you can say goodbye to emotional eating for good.From understanding what emotional eating is to how you can free yourself from food and develop a healthier relationship with your body, this audiobook offers you a roadmap to healing, drawing on the simple yet proven fundamentals of intuitive eating.In part 1, you’ll explore why emotional eating is so harmful to your mental wellbeing, including:A New Way To Look At Eating Disorders – How To Free Yourself From FoodUnderstanding WHY You Eat and Beginning Your Journey To HealingPowerful Strategies For Organizing Your Food and Stopping OvereatingThe Secret To Burning Fat Automatically and Feeling Fuller on LessAnd Meal Plans, Shopping Tips, and Much More!In part 2, you’ll learn how intuitive eating will change your life, including:An Exploration of Intuitive Eating and What Makes It Different To Traditional DietsTips For Rejecting The Dieting MentalityHow To Honor Your Hunger, Identify When You’re Full, and Stop OvereatingPowerful Strategies For Freeing Yourself From FoodEven if you’ve tried other diets before, intuitive eating is a revolutionary approach because it doesn’t just control what food you eat – you’ll learn how to address the root cause of your Overeating, practice emotional healing, and reshape the way you look at food.Don’t let emotional eating control your life for any longer. Buy now to begin your journey to healing.