Worm Farming, Aaron Worms Jones
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Worm Farming
The Practical Guide to This Unique Form of Natural Composting

Narrator: Ryan Garrett

Unabridged: 1 hr 20 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/19/2019


If you want to learn more about the unique form of composting that is worm farming, then keep reading…More than 1/3rd of our food ends up wasted in the trash. This puts tremendous pressures on landfills and our ecosystem. There is a better way…It may sound crazy, but the solution comes from slimy, wiggly little creatures… Worms!Through worm farming you are able to create valuable assets out of waste. Grow beautiful and healthy plants and vegetables. Naturally create highly sought after fertilizer and save on gardening and fishing materials.So how does this work, and how do I get started?This guide book can help answer all of your questions. You will effectively be “handheld” through successfully starting your own worm farm. You will learn how easy it is to get started and how success can be found with not much effort.Here’s just a little of what you will discover inside…The many hidden benefits of starting a worm farm. (These savings will surprise you…)What worms are the best choice for your farm.How to design a successful farm that allows you to regulate important things like temperature and moisture levels.What you can safely feed your hungry worms.The 12 things you can definitely NOT put in your worm farm.Worm populations explode quickly, this is how the situation is controlled. How to create highly valuable “worm tea”. The basics to starting a profitable business through worm farming.Trouble shooting guide… If anything goes wrong, this is how to fix it.… and much, much more.This is a great book for beginners, but even for specialists there will be tips and tricks that will make your farm more successful. Ready to get started building your own worm farm? It’s as easy as scrolling up and tapping “Buy Now”.