Word Quest, Sophia Mitchell
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Word Quest
Essential Terms For Curious 5th Graders, A Child's Vocabulary Builder

Unabridged: 2 hr 57 min

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Published: 07/07/2023


This 10 session vocabulary course offers a way for 5th graders to broaden their vocabulary learning, or gaining a deeper understanding of, the meaning and usage of words such as: dedicate, withdraw, enact, pasture, garment and many others. As a 5th grade course the primary age target is 10-11 year olds. However, younger and older children may benefit from the course depending on their level of vocabulary development since there is some variance in each child's language development compared to what might be considered 'average' for a given grade level. This course is past of a series you can pick the grade level that is appropriate for them, and progress to the next course in the series, regardless of their actual grade, once they have mastered the vocabulary contained in this course. Vocabulary is learned in multiple ways to keep the course interesting including definition explanations, similar words, quiz questions, using words in a sentence, exploring word origins and telling stories to show words in context. In this multi-faceted approach to vocabulary acquisition your child will build a fuller understanding of language in context and be exposed to the words taught at multiple points throughout the course aiding retention.