Word Athletes, Sophia Mitchell
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Word Athletes
Training For Linguistic Fitness and Agility, A 9th Grader's Vocabulary Builder

Unabridged: 2 hr 36 min

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Published: 11/27/2023


This 10-session course is tailored to enhance the vocabulary of 9th graders, focusing on their educational needs and developmental stage. It covers over 100 words, such as 'feign,' 'zoology,' 'stolid,' 'renegade,' 'rapport,' and 'insidious,' chosen for their relevance to both academic curricula and everyday language.Each 15-minute session is designed to fit into a busy academic schedule while being interactive and engaging, catering to various learning styles. The course employs a multi-faceted approach to vocabulary building. Words are introduced with definitions, used in sentences, and incorporated into short stories, helping students contextualize and understand them in narrative forms.Interactive elements like questions and discussions encourage active use of the words, aiding in memorization and understanding of their nuances. The course also introduces synonyms, expanding vocabulary and highlighting subtle differences in meaning and usage, essential for effective communication and language skills.The structure of the course allows revisiting vocabulary in different sessions, each time with a new approach. This repetitive, varied method solidifies understanding, enabling students to confidently use these words in academic and everyday contexts.