Wolf Uncovered, D.N. Hoxa
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Wolf Uncovered

Author: D.N. Hoxa

Narrator: Elise Arsenault

Unabridged: 6 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/10/2020


When you stand for something in life, you're bound to make some enemies. It's just my luck that my enemy turned out to be a really evil asshole with very powerful magic. Hector Haworth is coming after me no matter how hard I keep pretending he isn't. I've got two things he wants badly: a wolf he can possess, and the Reaper String-an enchanted item that can give him access to even more power. Giving up my freedom for the safety of my sister felt like a small price to pay-right until she went and disappeared again. With Red already gone and Amara too angry to even look at me, I felt more alone than ever, backed against the wall with no idea what to do. It didn't help that my wolf fought me at every turn, like we were sworn enemies and we had been so since birth. But somewhere along the way, she lets me see into her memories, lets me know where she came from. Controlling her isn't an option, but we both know that if we don't learn to play nice together, neither of us is going to survive for long. Sacrifices must be made to bring down Haworth. But will we like what comes after? Only one way to find out. Contains mature themes.