Why Not Retire and Become a Writer?, Scott Smith
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Why Not Retire and Become a Writer?
A Seniors Guide to Having a Retirement Career Publishing Books

Author: Scott Smith

Narrator: Jason Sullivan

Unabridged: 1 hr 38 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/26/2020


Do You Dream of Retiring and Making a Living As a Writer? Learn How!Do you dream of one day retiring and spending the rest of your days sitting on your couch and watching TV? Maybe! But if you do, then you probably are not reading this description! Most people, even in retirement, want to have a job. We may not call it a job, or even think about it as a job--but we want to do something.For many people, that job is writing that great story they’ve had in their head for years. While these people typically dream of making a good income out of it, most never do. It’s not because their book was no good. It’s because they never took the time to understand how to do it right. They spent months--years even--working on something they cared deeply for, but only a few hours maximum thinking about how they would get people to read it.The goal of this book isn’t to tell you how to write your story. There are plenty of books on that. The goal of this book is to help you with that next step in the journey: publishing it. And by publishing it, I don’t mean helping you find a publisher or agent who will do the heavy lifting for you--I mean helping you do it yourself through self-publishing and bring home the income most writers only dream of!It’s going to show you the strategies used by thousands of writers (myself included) to turn their passion for storytelling into something that’s more than a hobby--something that has an actual livable income that comes with it.Are you ready to start your retirement career? Let’s go!Note: this audiobook is based of "The Six Figure Writer"; it has an expanded section covering formatting and publishing.