Voices of Change, Various
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Voices of Change
Twelve Visions for How to Solve the Climate Crisis

Unabridged: 1 hr 50 min

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Published: 04/20/2021


In Voices of Change, a group of Canada’s most accomplished young environmentalists outline bold visions for how we can fight climate change and create a sustainable way of living.
The twelve essays in Voices of Change, by fifteen inspiring youth leading the climate change movement in Canada, explore the most challenging issues around climate change, from sustainability to activism. The contributors, from all across the nation, describe their own work developing successful initiatives that have positively brought about environmental change—from creating a “Library of Things” in Waterloo, Ontario, to an ocean-education program in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The authors of this anthology speak passionately about their own experiences working for climate justice—facing racism, apathy, and a world changed by Covid-19—while also expressing hope and exploring solutions for how youth can fight climate change in Canada and beyond, effecting significant change. The essays in the anthology are:
“Solastalgia—Getting Ahead of the Climate Crisis” by Abhayjeet Sachal and Sakhmeet Sachal 
“Climate Change in the COVID Era” by Asha Mior
“Embracing My Inner Child” by Brandon Nguyen
“The Intersectionality of Climate Change” by Chúk Odenigbo
“The Sustainability of Stuff” by Devon Fernandes
“Navigating Enivronmental Hypocrisy” by Erinn Drage
“Fostering Social Innovation in Times of Technological Transition” by Eva Wu and Sebastien Molgat
“Creating Space for Youth in Climate Decision Making” by Helen Watts
“Ocean Activism From a Landlocked Province” by Jasveen Brar
“Antarctica and the Power of Art” by Leah Davidson
“Art as a Tool For Social Awareness” by Qurat Dar
“It Begins with You” by Joel Dragon Smith and Sean Myomi Hougan
A passionate call to action, the essays in Voices of Change are vibrant, thoughtful, and determined. Together they offer a powerful blueprint for new ways that we can think about climate change and do our part to bring about solutions that will positively affect the environment and the lives of all Canadians today and in the future. As climate activist Asha Mior says: “The time for action is now. Will you join us?”