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Vegan Lifestyle Bundle, 3 in 1 bundle: Vegan for Everybody, Raw Food Diet Tips, and Why Vegan

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Published: 08/05/2021


Vegan Lifestyle Bundle, 3 in 1 bundle: Vegan for Everybody, Raw Food Diet Tips, and Why VeganLiving a vegan lifestyle has many different benefits. Backed up by multiple prominent research studies, it has been proven that a vegan lifestyle can lower the risk of cardiac events, reduce the risk of developing certain cancers and lower an individual’s chance of type 2 diabetes. Not only that, but it helps with regulating one’s metabolism, weight and can stave off certain weight-induced phenomena, such as hypertension. A vegan lifestyle has also been proven to reduce someone’s risk of stroke. Many individuals believe that a vegan lifestyle is not a lifestyle conducive to muscle building or psychological health. But this is not true. Yes, it is possible to build muscle on a vegan diet, and yes, it is possible to keep up those cardio-based marathons on a vegan diet.This bundle will teach you all about the vegan diet and lifestyle. You will learn about the true dietary needs of vegans and where they get their sources from, and it will compare the types of nutrients and proteins other dietary lifestyles obtain in order to show that vegans do not simply go without, they just choose to broaden their food-based horizons. You will also learn about the raw food diet. You will learn the basics, what it means to eat raw food, the benefits, and how to start your raw food diet. This 3 in 1 bundle include the following audiobooks:1. Vegan for Everybody: The Ultimate Guide on Vegan Diet, Learn the Proven Steps and Strategies on How to Begin and Get the Most Out of Your Vegan Diet2. Raw Food Diet Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Going Raw, Learn All About Raw Foods Diet and How It Can Help You Live a Healthier Life3. Why Vegan: The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Diet, Learn Vegan Cooking, Vegan Recipes and How to Set Up Your Vegan PantryGet your copy of Vegan Lifestyle 3 in 1 Bundle today!