Town Guard, Jake Brannigan
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Town Guard
A LitRPG Adventure

Narrator: Neil Hellegers

Unabridged: 19 hr 28 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/02/2023


He will protect this town. Glenn Redwood has longed to become an Adventurer since he was a young boy, and has focused every waking moment since he turned 14 on leveling and growing stronger. Answering the challenge of the Gods of Luxtera, he has fought Monsters to prove himself again and again. He has earned the right to travel the world and protect its people... but the Gods have other plans. After they choose Glenn to become a Town Guard, he is charged with protecting his small town and everyone within. His dreams of traveling the world seem all but impossible. Even so, as he upgrades his new Town Guard Class, Glenn learns that one does need to travel abroad to find challenge, adventure, friendship, and even love. And the people he wants most strongly to protect may have been in his small village all along. Don't miss the start of a new LitRPG Adventure with strong-to-stronger progression, strategic battles, endearing characters, and slice-of-life elements. Join Glenn as he shows just how large a small town can be, making new friends and supportive allies as he gains experience for everything from Watching the Gate Quests to Slaying Attacking Monsters.