Thunder Road, James Axler
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A century after the nukecaust, humanity adheres to the most basic laws of survival: live or die trying. For most, the concepts of law and order remain buried in the past. Enter the Thunder Rider.... Using a rigid code of honor learned from pre-nukecaust fantasies and westerns, Thunder Rider is a self-styled superhero, serving up mass murder in a haze of napalm and nerve gas. Seeing his trail of destruction firsthand, Ryan Cawdor accepts a bounty from a ravaged ville to find and eliminate this vigilante. But Thunder Rider is determined to have Krysty Wroth, Ryan's lover, as his new sidekick and her abduction makes Ryan's quest deeply personal, and unleashes the vengeful fury of Cawdor and his warrior companions. At his secret fortress, Thunder Rider waits—a one-man army powerful enough to destroy all comers and ready to give his murderous madness free rein...