Three Leadership Secrets Revealed, Dawn Jones
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Three Leadership Secrets Revealed
3Success Methods to Motivate People to Action

Author: Dawn Jones

Narrator: Dawn Jones

Unabridged: 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/01/2011


Would you like to apply the secrets that top motivational leaders, from Zig Ziglar to Tony Robbins, and from Oprah Winfrey all the way to Mother Teresa, have successfully applied in their lives? Imagine being able to motivate people regardless of age, status, personality or even skillset? Would you like to discover and implement these secrets in your life beginning today? Then this is the program for you! As you come on this journey with Dawn Jones and explore these three secrets, you will see your power, influence, and ability to motivate people to action begin to increase starting right now! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents Three Leadership Secrets Revealed! 3Success Methods to Motivate People to Action: 1. Learn how top leaders clearly communicate every time! 2. Discover how to motivate even the most stubborn people! 3. Obtain this secret to ensure your meaning is never misinterpreted! 4. Pinpoint how to improve your quality of life and relationships. 5. Take control of the power difficult people have in your life. 6. Acquire the skills to motivate people towards your goals. 7. Recognize how inspiring people inspire those around them. You will learn the secrets of motivating people to action; discover how to put your personality to work for you, and one of these secrets will even show you how to eliminate one of the biggest time wasters in your life! All while helping you clearly communicate your message consistentlyso that other people get what youre saying and move towards your goals and objectives while reaching theirs!