The Work Before the Work, Paul M Caffrey, Phil M Jones
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The Work Before the Work
The Hidden Habits Elite Sales Professionals Use to Outperform the Competition

Unabridged: 4 hr 56 min

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Publisher: Page Two

Published: 09/06/2022


Discover the 6 hidden habits of elite sales performers Have you ever wondered why some sales professionals consistently win year after year, while others have peaks and valleys—or simply fail to ever reach their true potential? Sure, hard work, dedicated effort, product knowledge, and an attractive personality (and even knowing Exactly What to Say) can all help with success in sales. And almost anyone who’s reached elite sales performance status has all of these—but it’s not enough to explain how they do it. In The Work Before the Work, leading sales professionals Paul M. Caffrey and Phil M. Jones reveal the six hidden habits that set sales superstars apart, and how to unlock them in yourself. But be advised: You will find approximately zero “hacks,” and not a single “trick” in these pages. And at no point will you discover a “hidden secret”. Instead, you’ll discover the meticulous thinking, questioning and preparation that the best of the best practice unconsciously, and learn how to ritualize your sales preparation so you, too, can join their ranks. Think of it as a roadmap that gives you a fair advantage in almost every selling situation—akin to the ability to start a soccer match with a three-goal advantage, a tennis match already a set up, or a marathon at the eight-mile marker. Whether you’re prospecting, selling, or looking for your next promotion, you’ll achieve it, and more, when you learn to do The Work Before the Work.