The Sleep Science Mastery Learn how ..., cindy f. crosby
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The Sleep Science Mastery: Learn how to Naturally Fall Asleep Faster and Stay Asleep Longer, Say stop to Sleep Disorders and Revitalize Your Life

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 3 hr 28 min

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Published: 10/15/2020


The news was about brain health and better sleep. How to sleep well or sleep better is a common question posed by millions of people. Today, a lot of people around the globe will be wrestling with how to get a good night's sleep and find a cure for insomnia.We also learn that people waste one quarter of their days sleeping — and most of us would make up that proportion if we could. Whether we're curling up for a short lunchtime catnap, catching a dozen on a sunny afternoon, or clocking our good eight hours at night, sleeping is generally a reliable way to rest our heads and refresh our brains. Yet our bodies demand it: without enough rest, we undergo changes in mood, memory loss, yet difficulty concentrating. Symptoms of sleep deprivation can be extreme, and we know that sleep is necessary for healing and rejuvenating muscles, tissues, and energy. And yet, while research is making impressive inroads into the processes and functions of sleep, most things remain a mystery.A poor sleep memory condition is often the product of sleep disorders or insomnia. Brain health can be severely affected if sleep deprivation persists. They now understand that stress, depression, and other emotional disorders that are so common today can be caused and exacerbated by sleep disorders.What You Will Learn:What Is Sleep  The Effects Of Poor Sleep On Psychological HealthHow Poor Sleep Can Hurt The BrainWhat Is Sleep DisorderWhy Sleeping 8-9 Hours Everyday Is Necessary For Health, Fitness And Success.Worry/Anxiety And SleepWhat Is Sleep RestrictionAnd Many More..Take action right away to learn how to cure your sleep apnea and live a fulfilling life, by getting this book.