The Science of Self Massage, K.W. Williams
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The Science of Self Massage
Independently Relieve Stress Using Techniques That Target Trigger Points

Author: K.W. Williams

Narrator: Jim D. Johnston

Unabridged: 1 hr 44 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/29/2017


What if you could skip the expensive massage sessions with a trained therapist but still get the benefits of massage? What if you could massage yourself and relieve all of the tension, stress, and pain that you carry in your body? Well, now you can, with The Science of Self Message. This book is the ultimate layperson’s guide to self-massaging. From shiatsu to acupressure, this book introduces all of the basics that you need to know to start massaging yourself.There are countless benefits to massage. Massage therapy has been found to cure many ailments and alleviate the symptoms of others. You can now reap these benefits for yourself by learning how to massage yourself. Instead of hiring an expensive massage therapist, you can provide yourself with some relief at home using various tools and methods covered in this book.This book is also a great starting place as you begin to educate yourself about massage. It is the start of a great journey. If you are curious about massage, start here to gain a basic knowledge about massage. Then work to expand your knowledge. This is also the perfect reference guide. You can refer to it later whenever you need to relieve a certain malady or source of pain. You can also use it as a guide on how to massage your loved ones.Are you ready to start healing your pain and feeling more relaxed? Are you ready to improve your circulation, relaxation, and health? Are you prepared to become more popular as people find out that you have leaned massage? Then read this book and start learning self-massaging today.