The Royal Treatment, MaryJanice Davidson
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The Royal Treatment

Series: Royal #1

Narrator: Piper Goodeve

Unabridged: 6 hr 24 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download (DRM Protected)

Published: 03/03/2020


In a world nearly identical to ours, the North won the Civil War, Ben Affleck is the sexiest man alive, and Russia never sold Alaska to the US. Instead, Alaska is a rough, beautiful country ruled by a famously eccentric royal family, and urgently in need of a bride for the Crown Prince. But they have no idea what they're in for when they offer the job to a feisty commoner . . . a girl who's going to need . . . The Royal Treatment. The Princess-To-Be Primer, Or, Things I've Learned Really Quick, As Compiled by Her Future Royal Highness—Yeah, Whatever—Christina. That's me. 1. Telling jokes you picked up from the guys on the fishing boat doesn't go over really well at a fancy ball. 2. Must learn to curtsy, stifle burps, and tell the difference between a salad fork and a fruit knife. 3. Must not keep thinking about Prince David's amazing eyes, lips, hands, shoulders, uh . . . wait, can I start over? 4. Becoming a princess is a lot harder than it looks. 5. Falling in love is a whole lot easier . . . Contains mature themes."Piper Goodeve did a great job capturing the sass and snark of this book. She was able to give each character a voice and made Christina a girl I'd totally love to hang out with in the real world." --- Books of My Heart