The Recruitment Rollercoaster, Joshua Rayner
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The Recruitment Rollercoaster
Avoid the tight turns and steep slopes of starting your own agency

Author: Joshua Rayner

Narrator: Alister Austin

Unabridged: 3 hr 21 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Joshua Rayner

Published: 03/31/2022


Josh Rayner’s anticipated debut release – The Recruitment Rollercoaster – is for the budding entrepreneur looking to build a meaningful and lucrative recruitment business. The Recruitment Rollercoaster discusses the pitfalls you are likely to face when you start a business and provides invaluable advice, tricks, and tools to save your precious time and money. After reading this book, you will fall so deeply in love with your business that nothing can stand in the way of your rapid success. After reading this book, you will:Learn how to create the ideal life/work balanceUnderstand big picture thinking to achieve more in a shorter timeUnderstand your WHY and your fundamental reason for getting up in the morningLearn how to scale fast and reach your goals more quicklyDiscover how processes can set you free and save you valuable timeLearn how to utilise the unstoppable three-year plan“This book can only be described as a recipe for success and will give the reader a framework to succeed in business and more importantly in the recruitment industry.” – Sanjay Gandhi, Mentor and Entrepreneur